Victorian Dresser Drawer (Walnut Wood)

Victorian Dresser Drawer (Walnut Wood)


A Low-poly 3D model Dresser, PBR drawer model with high definition realistic texture maps. FBX format. Suitable for Unreal Game engine 4 (Packed).


This model comes with Walnut Wood Textures and PBR maps for both Unity 5 and UE4 or higher.


File Format:
FBX (3D model) & JPG (textures)



Ambient Occlusion




Specular Level

Base Color 



Triangles - 17.5k

Vertices - 8.9k

PBR - Metalness

Textures -10

Materials - 2

UV Layers - Yes

Vertex colors - No

Animations - 0

Rigged geometries - No

Morph geometries - 0

Scale transformations - No

To see the 3D preview or to inspect the model, the maps, and the polys, visit the Sketchfab display.

Here you can inspect the model. Inspection includes texture maps, color maps, normal maps, wireframe mode and more. See on Sketchfab.

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