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Updated: Feb 27

So you say you're searching for that special happiness, but there is only one place to find it.

I would like to address this very important topic. And I am going to share with you my particular experience in life.

I discovered the joy of the Lord from a very young age. And it was through the hardships and troubling times that I began to look up and realize: "I can't do this on my own". I thank God for what I went through because it was through these things that I came to recognized God as the source of my happiness. He is the reason I live.

How I discovered the joy of the Lord

It is said that children grow at night. And we also grow in troubled times. The video below tells the story of my young life.

That little girl was me!

You see, I had to deal with abuse at home at 10 to 12-years-old. And I thought that the only way out was to die. No joke! I even had suicidal thoughts as a result because I thought that death was the only way out, but my mother told me:

"If you commit suicide you will go to hell." That scared me out of it. So death was not an option for me at that point. Dealing with this kind of abuse as a pre-teen can take a psychological toll on a young mind and heart. And it was a struggle in my then childlike mind, to rise above it. But how did I? The Lord and his comfort, joy, peace, hope, and love! This is what helped me make it through.

I cried out to God, for 2 years; to deliver me from the hand of my abuser, and things began to change by the time I hit my 12th birthday. It was by the end of the school year in 1996 that I had endured two long years of physical abuse, along with my mother who was hit, kicked, and hurt physically in front of me. And I saw it with my own eyes! And I was genuinely scared! But I was, somehow; able to escape from the situation with the help of my mother's friend, my great-grandparents (who were alive at the time), and my grandmother, Anna. I was so blessed to have people to intervene.

I quickly learned that I was not alone. I was not the only person who endured this physical abuse done to me. I heard many stories. So many women and girls I know have gone through that. And I am grateful that the Lord heard me and delivered me!

The Joy of The Lord Brings Strength

By the age of 13, I had already experienced divorce, abuse, bullying, self-esteem issues, a lack of a father in my life, and even thoughts of suicide. You see... by the time I was 13, I had already been through so much! And how could this happen to me? This can happen to the best of us. Yet, He was in the middle of my pain, in the middle of my shame.

You see, I found out at a young age; if I call upon the Lord in troubled times he would save me.

Romans 10:13 says,

“Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Some people may ask: "Why didn't God intervene in these other situations?" Many a time, God will not intervene unless we call upon him first. It's our faith that moves God to intervene.

I remember how special this song, 'Ask Me How I know' was to me. By the time I first heard this song, I had already been through physical abuse by someone, and I could relate. But I also knew, from that moment, that I was finally free from my abuser. And I would finally let go.

Even as a teen, going through one hardship after another; I stated many times: "God is the only thing that is keeping me going in life." That was nothing short of the truth. He was the source of my hope!

I faced other problems down the road ahead. I had dreams, ambitions. I wanted to become a singer and songwriter. I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to accomplish my said dreams. We were poor and less fortunate. And this dream seemed so far out away because of our financial situation. I was looked down upon by others because I wasn't at the economic status that they were. I was not born rich.

There were times we had to do without the things most other people got to enjoy. Yet the comfort of the Lord was still there in my life. He made Himself known to me when I called upon Him. And His joy became the source of my strength.

I had so much joy in my life in spite of. Why? Because I put my trust in him. He is a father to the fatherless. He is the light in the darkness. I came to understand that through the mess I was going through.

Encountering others who have missed the mark

One day, during my junior year in high school, I spoke with a young girl my age. She told me about her depression battle and her ever pursuit to find that special happiness.

I already knew, at that point; that material things and the worldly pleasures were not where it was at. I told her: "You're looking for happiness in all the wrong places." I knew it was the Lord who brought that everlasting joy in my life. So I began to tell her about how he helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life and how he can bring joy to her in spite of her situation.

She stated that she had a hard time putting her trust in something that she could not see with her eyes.

By that time, at the age of 15; God had already made himself known to me. So why does God make himself known to certain people, but not others? I will clue you in on one thing, you have to have the want to. It's up to you to decide whether or not you want to seek God and know him fully or if you just want to think you can take life on without the life-giver. And there is no life without him. No joy without him. No light without him. No purpose without him. No hope without him.

Know Jesus, know purpose. No Jesus, no purpose.

The same holds true with happiness!

When I got home that day, I began to write a new song and titled it "God's Hands".

And I've come to recognize that anything good that happens in life is because of the goodness of the Lord. Yet I have come across many people who battled depression and hopelessness. And it really is gut-wrenching! They are living beneath their privilege. They are searching for happiness in all the wrong places instead of in the right place.

The new "God's Hands" Electronica 8-Bit Mix

This song was written during my mid-teen years (15-years-old) and was electronically produced almost 10 years ago. But I think that it is about time I share it with those who will undoubtedly be blessed.

This is a Christian electronica style upbeat song with an inspirational message about God's value over the world's view of happiness.

God's Hands Song Lyrics:

Verse 1 Everyone has a time when they reach out for something. And when they do, some don't know where to turn to. They try to fill themselves with all kinds of things, Trying to reach out for that special something. So you tell me that you've been feeling blue, And that your life is nothing much but gloom. So you say you're searching for that special happiness, But there is only one place to find it. Refrain 1 And I've prayed that the Lord would show you the way. That he would give you strength to carry on. To lead you to the promised land, To all the joy you could ever have. You just need to realize (and I pray that you would), That all the happiness you could ever have, Comes from God's Hands. Verse 2 Did you ever know that God alone is all you need? He made what you are, and he knows what you want to be. Don't tell me that God hasn't done much for you. You'll be surprised in all the things he can do. If you turn to him with all your heart and soul, He'd make life into something wonderful. So you say you're searching for that special happiness, But there is only one place to find it.

Refrain And I've prayed that the Lord would show you the way. That he would give you strength to carry on. To lead you by his mighty hand, To all the joy you could ever have. You just need to realize (and I pray that you would), That all the happiness you could ever have, Comes from God's Hands. Bridge You search in other things to try to fill that void in your life. But when you do it is never filled. You wonder where that happiness could be found. Well, let me tell you God alone can fill any emptiness inside your soul. If you'd only believe he could set you free.

You can get the song on Bandcamp:


So, next time you feel down in the dumps, turn to God. Ask him to deliver you. Ask him to take that depression demon away from you. Ask him to give you the joy that only He can give, and no one else.

"It doesn't matter what my problems are. It doesn't matter what my circumstances are. And it sure don't matter what the devil says. My God is faithful!"

-Rev. Sam Emery

For many years I stated: "God is the only thing keeping me going in this life."

Then one day, a man stated: "But what other reason is there to live for? There is no other reason."

It hit me like a ton of bricks!

There is no other reason to live but Him! Always recognize that. And do not let the cares of this world beat you down to the point of hopelessness. Keep your eyes on the Lord and let the joy He brings be the source of your strength!

Because all the happiness you could ever have comes from God's Hands!

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