Am I a Nazi as leftists have proclaimed?

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A response to the doxing! I think I'm getting a little too well-known for my views.

First of all, I would like to start this off by saying that this certainly does not apply to all those who are western positive. Many Westerners love their respective nations and peoples and want to see their legacy live on but are afraid to speak out about it for fear of being called a Nazi, being doxed, or losing their jobs. And can you blame them? And I was one of those people. But now is the time to take a stand against the bullies who seek to erase our history and everything that represents who we are as a nation. This takes courage. Because here is the reality. There is a cost for standing for truth. Many may think badly of you because of that. You may lose jobs, lose friends, or opportunities because of that. You may even get arrested or murdered because of that. Surely, there are many famous historical figures who have gone through that. Secondly, here is my pinned tweet:

No, I am not a Nazi. And, no; I am not a neo-Nazi. I don’t care about Hitler. I agree there is legitimate criticism of leftist Jews, but I don’t obsess myself over them.

I’ll be friends with anyone of any race. I’ll be friends with a black person, an Asian person, a Jew, or a white person etc. It doesn’t really matter to me. All people should be open to reasonable criticism and nobody is free of that. Criticize them, yes. Hate them? No.

So how did I get started with all this 'western positive' promotion on my site? It all started when I began to see this open hatred towards whites and this push of the anti-white agenda on social media, the mainstream media, and even in some religious congregations have fallen for this. It's a narrative that teaches us that we (the white people) come from an evil people, and that our ancestors were terrible people that did horrible things, and that we should be ashamed of them because they (supposedly) committed genocide against other groups, were slave owners, were the oppressors, were 'racists' (the anti-white slur), Jim crow, segregation, apartheid, and Nazis. Therefore they wish to put us under this obligation to make amends for the past mistakes of our ancestors and past mistakes of other white people. That we must be held accountable and we should apologize. For example, I spoke against the desecration of our history, and I got quite a response from an anti-white family member.

'White man bad' is facts? Ok, dude. This is the anti-white narrative in a nutshell.

Since we were children, we were taught the difference between good and evil, justice vs injustice, and light vs darkness. But don't you think that the real difference between the two is who is telling the story?

Remember, there are two sides to every story. So which one do you side with? We both recognize one thing, the erasure of our history. And this isn’t just happening to monuments dedicated to our presidents and mayors. It also is happening to the history of blacks, American Indians, and so forth. But the anti-white conclusion is that we should paint all white people as the bad guys in history books and erase their history. And I reject that conclusion. We aren’t all to be painted as this antagonist in another people’s storybook.

Western peoples have a rich culture of architecture, inventions, traditions, and so much more. We aren't going to keep apologizing for the supposed sins of our ancestors while simultaneously being unable to celebrate their glories.

I have been at the receiving end of hate lately by quite a few trolls. A few of them have attempted to spread lies about me on my Instagram account and twitter. It's really bizarre. For example, I was called the anti-white slur 'racist'. Accused of posting 'hateful comments' on Youtube. These people have no class at all. All they do is post a bunch of obscenities about you while spreading lies. They came under a number of my posts saying these things while spreading a rumor that I had been leaving hateful comments about non-white people on Youtube while deleting the 'exposing' of the said comments. All a lie. All a ploy to assassinate my character. Nothing to see here.

But why do they insist on doing this? Why the insults?

Why they call me a Nazi:

Never once have I ever called myself one. So why? It may be due to some ideas that I bring to the table. And one of them is 'going free' for white Westerners. From what? From the anti-white narrative and indoctrination. My Instagram account was and is centered around celebrating the people and the things that are connected to me which is white Western kind, including my faith in Jesus. It's all a part of me. It's who I am. I post pictures of my ancestors, the cultures that they came from, and the people from those various cultures in the West. I promote uplifting content that encourages and inspires Westerners to love their skin, their history, the various cultures their ancestors came from, and where they come from. And since many of us have been taught to hate ourselves from youth, I hope this to inspire someone.

This is a declaration that I am not ashamed of my skin. I will not kneel for the mob. And what do these anti-whites do next? Call you a Nazi.

They hate me, not because I am Nazi (Far from it). They hate me because I care about my people and want them to go free.

Every time someone on social media has something negative to say about my appearance (you’re too old, too fat, you’re ugly, you have tragic features etc.) or the things and the people who are connected to me (you come from an ‘evil’ people), I will become ever bolder to be unapologetically me.

I will not apologize for being the way he created me. I am not ashamed of my ancestors. I am not ashamed to be connected to so many remarkable people in history such as artists, farmers, pioneers, lords, kings, and builders some of the greatest civilizations known in human history. Civilizations and technology that has made this world an immensely better place for everyone. We can be proud of that!

Never argue their pretexts!

I can’t stress this enough! I encourage my followers to reject their anti-white conclusion and to stop arguing their pretexts. What are their pretexts?

Anti-white pretexts

These are all the reasons they will try to use to 'justify' their goal to inflict harm on you and your family.

And what is their conclusion? White erasure.

I have rejected their conclusion.

Question: Every nation has its bad apples, both in history and in present. Every nation has it's strengths and weaknesses. Every nation in history had slaves, conquered other tribes, had its share of bad people. So why are only white people expected to apologize for such failures and wrongdoings? When every nation has a history guilty of the same thing?

For promoting European and Western culture on my site I have been accused of:

1. Wanting to feel superior

2. White supremacy

3. Racism (anti-white slur)

4. Nazism

Ok..... if you want to consider this 'white pride' propaganda.

And here we go with the doxing. They never give up, do they?

It never fails.

What do real neo-pagans and Nazis think of me?

They hate me because of my faith in Jesus.

Neo-nazis are some of the most anti-christian people you will ever meet.

Below the same guy comments on my faith in Jesus. He died for me, so.....

They hate me because I promote personal responsibility.

Nothing like being gaslighted for promoting a thing called 'personal responsibility'. Now you tell me who the 'moron' is.

.... and a kike? Ok dude.

They hate me because I don't have the 'right' hair color.

As stupid as this sounds, you’d be surprise. This is what they say about their religion: Neo-paganism is inseparable from the racial element (Nordicism), as they teach.

They believe that their religion is not just "pre-abharamic" it is Indo-European(Aryan).

In their view, it was the Vedic Gods of the Indo-European faith, in the eldest Sanskrit Text (Rigveda) are described are all blonde with a hatred of dark features. Their religion tells them to hate me. Their gods 'hate' dark features. They even say so themselves. So why would I want to worship their gods, gods of their own ego?

It seems like a lot of self-hating neo-pagans have brown hair and brown eyes. They must have such a shallow existence to be so self-hating. Dark features are not 'indigenous' to Europe. His gods command him to tell the 'truth'. And anyone who possesses dark features are 'petty' and should just get over themselves.

It's all about "superiority" and "rarity" to these neo-pagans. They hate anyone that's not them or anyone who has dark features. I don't want to be rare. I don't want to be "superior". I just want my people to go free.

And your so-called 'gods' who have not made the heavens and the earth shall vanish from the earth.

I am not ashamed of how I look. My creator made my face exactly how he wanted it. He colored my hair & skin the way he did because he liked it.

I'm so glad I serve a God who loves me. I am not a color to him. I am a spirit being created in his image and likeness. It doesn't matter what you say, because I am custom made (we all are). And I couldn’t be more loved by my Father in heaven.

Ain't that the truth!

Beauty isn't just one size, shape, or color. It is not always something that can be seen with the naked eye. Beauty comes in an endless amount of forms and we need to recognize that.

So, this sums it up when it comes to how Nazis feel about me, and how I also feel having their views shoved down my throat by them. No thanks! Regurgitate!

Here is the reality of anti-whites, no matter if they come in the form of family members, doxers, so-called friends, haters, or trolls. They will always accuse you of being a Nazi when you stand up for Westerners. Why? They hate white people. They hate them having well-being. They hate people who care about their future. They hate people who want to protect their children. They want to harm white people. For example:

You can check out the source here.

Imagine your child coming home crying from school because he was made to feel bad about himself! This little boy was made to feel ashamed because he is white! This is unacceptable! This would be condemned if it were done to children of every other ethnic group as it should be! But not white kids? And we are afraid to talk about it because we are afraid of being called a Nazi, a white supremacist, or a 'racist' (anti-white slurs)? You can't fix the problem with this mentality. And remaining silent on these issues will only allow these vicious anti-whites to further victimize our children. It's ok for you to be vocal on this. I'm not saying you have to be hostile towards these people. But it sure is ok to let your voice be heard. And if it were any other ethnic group whose kids who were being targeted for this type of propaganda and psychological abuse, they would be the ones complaining about it.

This is what I will say to these people who do this to children:

No more to your propaganda! I am not going to allow you to inflict anymore injury, anymore of this venom you wish to inject into my children's veins or any more of these infections on me or my people. As a matter of fact, I am going to show them how to go free of all of it. I am going to innoculate them to go against your anti-white narrative.

If you make that statement and you make it bold and clear, they will call you a Nazi, a white supremacist, racist, or any other anti-white slur in their book. Why? To shut you down! Not because you're a Nazi. Not because you're a fascist. Not because you wear a certain uniform. But because you care about Western kind! Because you want to stop the victimization and psychological abuse done to these white kids! Not because you want to throw anybody else under the bus. Not because you want to harm any individual or innocent out there in the world. Not because you want to make life more difficult for non-white people. But because you just want to make the world better for your folks. Because you don't want your people to continue to be demonized or discriminated against (legally, morally, or ethically) in every single country in the West. I'm taking that stand. I'm saying enough is enough! This is why they hate me. This is all it takes for them to come after you, to try and shut you down, to call you a Nazi to try to silence your voice, to make your life more difficult by doxing you, by trying to get you fired from your job, by trying to assassinate your character and humiliate you! These are the problems we have to deal with. But we will end up losing a lot more if we let these vicious anti-whites break the hearts of our kids, or to continually allow them to inflict injury on them. Parents, be mindful of what is actually being taught in schools. This is how we can fight back, by teaching our younger generations our values and to love their history, ancestors, heritage, and nation. If you don't teach your children to value these things, the world will teach them to do otherwise. Same with faith in God. They take these statues down to white erase you from history. These statues weren't on the verge of substantiating Nazism. No. They are merely a representation of you and your history. That is why folks like us are saying 'enough is enough! We're not going to accept this! We are no longer going to allow our children to be exposed to the lies that you want to infect them with (at public schools, private schools, Christian schools, Catholic schools, pagan schools, or any school). Enough is enough!

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