3 Ways Music Artists Can Create More Conversations With Their Followers

Updated: Feb 27

And how you can build your audience!

The point of social networking is not just about getting likes and reposts, but also engaging with your fans and the people who support you. Social networks are the new way for artists everywhere to spread the word about their music, books, or other types of avenues. Social networks have made it much easier to communicate with your supporters with a click of a button.

Some artists may think that buying likes or fans may be the way to go, but we have realized that you don't buy fans or likes, you earn them. Furthermore, your engagement with your fans makes you stand out more!

What do I mean by 'engagement'?

Engagement means conversation with your followers. It could be through public posts or direct messages. As independent artists who are not showcased on the mainstream media or the mainstream and musicians, engaging with our fans on social media is a must when it comes to publicity. Yet social media metrics, in and of themselves; don't promise us success as artists.

Let's think about social media vs real-life fan activity. Both are valid ways to convert real-life action. But we have to realize that if there is no real-life strategy behind it, social media will not guarantee a fan base, sales, or a niche audience.

What can we do for real-life action?

This is what fans will do for you. Anywhere from buying your merch, your digital album, your CDs, or paying for your live stream shows. And we have to realize, as artists; that having a lot of followers on social media means nothing if it doesn't convert to real-life action. However, social media can be used as a useful tool to contribute to that desired goal.

And engaging conversations with your followers on social media can help turn them into superfans who will buy your music!

So how do I get started? Here are three strategies you can use, as an artist; to create conversations with your followers and potential superfans!

1. Share your story with your audience!

This is a fantastic way to show your followers who you really are, the things that matter to you, your life's experience, why you dream what you do, and what excites you about it. Tell your audience about how you got started, and the story behind your music.

You can also have them sign up for your newsletter on your sight, which is a valuable list of e-mails to have!

Easily send email and social media messages to your fans from one convenient place with Fan Reach.

Social media is a valuable tool to connect with people from all over the world who may have a similar outlook as you. If you, by habit; share your personal stories and interests you allow your fans to see you as a person. They will more easily connect with you and start commenting on your posts. This is one important way for you to engage with your followers. So utilize this to your advantage to find other people who share your interests and experience.

Tell your audience what you care about. Is there a cause to raise awareness about? How can you use your music to make people's lives better? Answering these questions can gain the interest of your audience.

2. Respond to direct messages

Telling your story is great. And even better when you gain new connections through comments under your posts or DMs. If you have many followers, it may mean more to the person that you answered them in your DMs. Don't be shy (like me). Answer them! DMs are a great way to help you connect with others in a meaningful way! Think of a scenario when you are meeting your fans after the big live performance. Engaging your messages can allow you to get to know your supporters. Even if you have millions of fans, you can still engage with them. It is a way to build relationships with your supporters in a simple way!

3. Ask fans questions and get their opinion

If you want to make your social media page even more interesting, you need to do more than just show how great and awesome your music is. Don't just post about yourself. Talk about things that may also interest or benefit other people. The key to building an audience and gaining superfans on social media is to create conversation. And the best way to start one is to ask questions to your audience. You can ask them about anything you like.

For example, you can post about an activity that you are participating in that day, such as a church get-together or your trip to the zoo. Maybe in that post, you can ask your audience what they have been doing that day or week. You can ask them what their favorite coffee is, or their favorite music artists.

You could even ask questions that aren't necessarily related to music. But these questions are meant to start a conversation with those who are following you, which is a great way to interact with your followers.

This is great to do, even when you are at the start of your music career. Engaging with your potential fans is especially important. Some questions may get more response than others. But this is a way you can learn what works and what doesn't. So start conversations about as many different topics as you would like.


Social media provides a way to talk to thousands of people all across the world that could possibly be converted into superfans. But always remember, growing your audience is a process.

It is important, no matter how big or how small your audience is; to connect with who is in your audience. Let them know how important you are by allowing them to connect with both your music and your unique personality!

Cheers! And have fun!

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