You Look Asiatic. Are you Asian? Q & A

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Are hooded eyes and high cheekbones a sign that you are mixed with Asian?

For some strange reason, many have been skeptical of my ethnic identity. They don't know what to call me. Many people say I look German. I am of German descent. So I'll take that. On the other hand, I have been called other things such as "Asiatic" or "Ambiguous". Why are people so obsessed with my ethnicity?

Occasionally I visit these pages celebrating European culture, which I do showcase on my website. Love the diverse cultures of Europe. It’s where my heritage comes from. But be wary that if you do go to these pages, every so often, you'll run across extremely biased people that, if they see something about you that is different concerning your physical appearance or maybe something that might not measure up to their standards as to how someone from these various cultures of Europe should look, some of them will go so far as to pick apart your ethnic identity and call you ambiguous. I've had people make comments such as: "You look mixed", "But you're Asian", "What do you mean 'we' or 'our' if you are Asian?", "You Look Asiatic", and the last is the worst, "you have small slanted eyes."

(as if being mixed is a crime). It’s cringe worthy. So here I am addressing it.

This may be because I possess high cheekbones, the square jaw line, dark hair, hooded eyes etc.

How is this relevant to the conversation? And, of course; the response I get when I tell them my ethnicity.

Some of them even asked me if I have Amerindian ancestry, which also have an Asian connection.

If you'll notice, these comments are laced with subtle bias and prejudice. Basically, they are implying that being mixed with 'Asian', or to be mixed at all with anything other than White is bad and suggesting that I am not a true "European" or "Germanic-American" because my appearance looks Asian. Now, if you are someone who has Asian ancestry, I don't think that is anything to be ashamed of. But people can be cruel and unreasonable and it really shows in their attitude and approach.

"You have Asian Eyes."

People have told me this. Sometimes people with eyes that are hooded are mistaken as those with Asiatic features. So here I will be addressing this first.

Take note: there is a difference between hooded eyes and Asian eyes. Learn the difference!

Lets review the difference. What makes a hooded eye? What makes an Asian eye?

Hooded Eyes

Many Westerners have them. This makeup video shows pictures of white women who possess the trait of having 'hooded eyes'.

I've been asked, many a time; if I have Asian ancestry because of my eyes. #HoodedEyes are pretty typical in Europeans and they are more common than you think. They are not an actual Asiatic epicanthic fold in the eyelids, but the effect is very similar and has the same function of protecting the eyes in cold windy climate.

Many Europeans and those of European descent have them. It's actually more common than you think.

Hooded Eyes

Asian Eyes

So lets talk about Asian eyes. What Asians have is what we call the "Epicanthic Fold". It is a skin that covers the part of the eye that is closer to your nasal. It can also form on the bottom of the eye in rare cases. Here is a video explaining this.

Now, the question is; can a European white person be born with the epicanthic fold? It is indeed possible if they are mixed with Asian blood. But it is not a very common occurrence. But it does occur. Genetics are a funny thing. You never know what you'll get in the grand scheme of things. Here are some fun facts about this.

Regardless of whether or not you are Asian, it is still possible for a white person, even a black person; can be born with it. I've seen them. I would also like to point out that it is possible to look Asian and have no Asian ancestry. See here.

"Light hair and light eyes are a sign of 'pure' genes."

I hear this all the time. The funny thing is, they NEVER say that about a white person with dark hair, dark eyes or tanned skin. It amazes me.

I've heard talking points such as: "Lighter features are a sign of "pure" genes."


"The brown eyed hordes have Europe in it's grasp!"

Ugh! As if being an ethnic European means that you have all light features! How narrow minded can you be today? It can get frustrating many a time. Many European pages only seem to promote the lighter features of germanic peoples as the signature of what it means to be ethnically of European stock, while throwing brunettes under the bus, as if they are any less white. Our ethnic identity might as well be in question, right? After all, lighter features are a sign of "pure" genes, as if my dark brown hair somehow invalidates my ethnic identity. For example: Most of the French have brown hair. Are they any less "European" than their blonde counterparts? Ignorant people don't know how much diversity Europe holds, do they?

Yes, I have dark brown hair. It is my natural hair color. Yes it is dark. And yes, Westerners have dark hair, too. Does that mean I have Asian or Indian ancestry. Not necessarily.

"High Cheek bones are 'Asian' features."

Another thing they'll say. But does a European with high cheekbones mean they have Asian DNA?

Quite to the contrary. In the European tradition, high cheekbones were considered an aristocratic trait. Asian cheekbones are not high cheekbones. Asians have wider cheekbones because of what the face and eye fit seem flat. European high cheekbones - is the point of attachment of the muscles of the lower jaw. It is located slightly higher than usual, to create a stronger jaw pressure. Because of this, a natural long diagonal line is formed. Therefore, it is safe to say that high cheekbones are a truly European form of the skull. Any Germanic can have extremely high or low cheekbones, but there are only certain kinds they can have.

Asian Cheekbones

European high cheek bones

High cheek bones

High cheek bones have been a European trait throughout history.

European High Cheek Bones

Our legacy lives on!

What about my great-grandfather's Japanese wife, Chieko?

Below is a picture of my great-grandmother by blood, and my great-grandfather, Bernard.

My grandmother, Sharon Rose; is their daughter.

She also had hooded eyes, and she is the woman I got them from. I am blessed!

"You should take a DNA test. You might have Asian ancestry."

I did. You not accepting facts isn't the same as not providing them.

To whom may feel the need to invalidate my ethnic identity and family history. It’s none of your business! No, I am not mixed with ‘Asian’ or ‘Amerindian’. And that assumption would only be ok if it were true.

And before you ask the question: No, I am not Asian. I have no known Asian ancestry. Get a clue!

Why should I have to take a DNA test to "prove" I am who I am? Please, just accept the fact that Europeans are diverse. Our hair and eye combinations come in a variety of colors and shades from the darkest of night to light and bright colors. Our skin tones vary from tan to alabaster white to ginger freckled. We all have our different physical characteristics. Some have freckles and some don’t. Some have curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair. Some have body types that are curvy, petite, short, and tall. Some of them also have low cheekbones and some have high cheekbones (which I got from my mother who is an 💯% European blonde) and from my Grandmother Sharon Rose (She’s of German/Scots-French descent). So there you have it.

If you don’t like the fact that I identify with these things because I don’t look the way you think I should, just know that Europeans and Caucasians come in different skin shades, hair and eye combinations, and facial features. We are very diverse! So get over your bias! Have a wonderful day!

#proudgermanamerican 🇩🇪🇺🇸 Also of #frenchdescent #americanwomen

Finally, someone gets it!

Nuff said!

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