Amber Eyes: The Most Underrepresented Eye Color

Updated: Mar 12

If you were like me and you were born with this rare eye color. Be proud. Here are some fun fact about Amber Eyes!

Eye color is very diverse in the Netherlands. Most people in the Netherlands, however, have blue eyes. In addition to the blue eye color, green and gray eyes often occur. The brown eye color is less common and also the amber color is very rare in the Dutch. Not only in the Netherlands, but amber eyes around the world are also very rare. The color amber can sometimes appear a little yellow. The eyes then look like two gold coins, also called wolf eyes. Who gets amber eyes and why is the eye color so rare in humans? Read about one of the rarest eye colors in humans. Eye color in humans: Amber There are many different eye colors.

Most people have an eye color that is a bit in the mix. You have to think of eye colors with blue and green in them. Most people with blue eyes live in the Netherlands. Blue eyes are most common in north and northwest Europe. Blue eyes are the most common in Scandinavia. Green eyes are also common in northern European countries, but less often. Amber eyes are rare and occur least often. The genes responsible for the production of the pigment that is in an amber eye is not very common. The pigment that is in an amber eye has lipochrome (pheomelanin). Lipochrome is a substance that appears yellowish.

Amber eyes As with green eyes, special genes play a major role in the development of amber color. There are two types of pigment that can appear in the eye. People with brown eyes have a pigment that is dark. This pigment is called eumelanin and is common in people with brown eyes. Brown is the dominant eye color and is the most common worldwide. Almost everyone on Earth has the brown eye color. Especially in Africa and Asia, almost everyone has brown eyes. Light eyes in those continents are very rare.

People with blue eyes have almost no eumelanin in the eye. Because there is so little pigment present in the eye, the eyes appear blue. People with green eyes also have little pigment (eumelanin) but still have a special pigment that causes the green eye color. The pigment is not called eumelanin but pheomelanin (lipochrome).

People who have genes responsible for the production of lipochromes are special: there are few. If pheomelanin and a little eumelanin mixes with each other, you get green eyes. Pheomelanin is a yellowish substance that is especially common in people with red hair and pale skin. People with amber eyes have almost no eumelanin in the eye. The eyes consist mainly of the yellowish lipochrome. The eyes, therefore, appear yellow.

Frequency of Amber Color

The amber color is very rare, just like the green eye color, at least if we look at it from a global perspective. Approximately less than 1% of all people on earth have the amber color. Green eyes are also very rare but are estimated to be slightly more often than amber eyes. Blue eyes occur about 3% of all people. In some countries, such as Finland and Estonia, almost everyone has blue eyes. Most people in the Netherlands also have blue eyes. Brown eyes are most common because the brown eye color is dominant over all other eye colors. The blue, green, gray, and amber eye color disappears when people with light eye colors have children with dark-colored eyes. It is estimated that light eyes will become increasingly rare as more and more children are born with parents from different nationalities.

Amber Color in Animals

The amber eyes also occur in animals. Especially wolves often have amber eyes. People with the color amber are often called human wolves because the eyes are so similar to those of a wolf. Other animals can also have the color amber in their eyes. Consider, for example, domestic cats (purebred cats), owls, rabbits, pigeons, and certain types of birds (eagle).

Which country has the most amber color?

The amber color is most common in countries where other light eye colors occur. The amber color can not survive in a society where mainly the brown color is dominant. Light eye colors can not do that anyway. The brown eye color is in fact dominant over all other colors. Amber-colored eyes are especially common in people with red hair. This means that we have to look especially at countries where these external characteristics are most prevalent. The countries Ireland and Scotland are probably the countries where most people live with amber eyes. Even in Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, and England relatively many people have amber eyes, although it is also in those countries looking for a pin in a haystack. It is estimated that about 1 in 100 people have amber eyes.

Amber eyes are the most underrepresented eye color. The only downside of being... well... what do you know, different.

Nevertheless, it's pretty awesome!

If you were born with this awesome eye color, share it with us in the comments!

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