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Disclaimer: I realize this is something personal for everyone. Heritage is as important to the person that it is important to. Thoughts and opinions are mine. So why did I choose this slogan? And why did I choose Western culture as my theme? Preserving Western culture and the significant impact it has on the world is very powerful.

My interest in culture all started at grade school age when an American Indian family moved next door to me. Their oldest daughter was the same age as I. We became friends almost instantly, along with her younger sister and older brother. They took us all on a cultural tour. I saw their differences, their unique culture, and I admired them. I began to look at my family and myself and wondered… do we have a culture? I felt like my life was directionless at the time and was unsure of myself. I literally felt like I lacked something of value, something I really wanted. I lacked the knowledge of my own identity and had no knowledge of my family history.

As white children growing up in the USA, we weren’t taught about our cultural background; at least not most of us. My parents told me we were of German descent, but that pretty much was all I was told about it. WWII which was all we were taught about Germany in school. Germans were heavily demonized, and all the while we were told that our heritage didn’t matter. Yet I felt like this German identity held a significance to me, no matter how it was portrayed to be. I wanted to know more about this distinct culture, dress the part, learn the customs and traditions, and get a German cookbook. I wanted to learn the language, and go there someday.

All the while we were told that we should disconnect ourselves from the German identity to form a new one here in America.

It seemed kind of fishy to me. It almost seemed like they wanted to do away with a certain group of people so they can create a new utopia they would then call “the new face of America”: The melting pot.

Don’t get me wrong, I'm not against being proud of our American nationality and forming new cultures. It's what Westerners have done with the Wild Wild West and Steampunk (which celebrates our English roots). But as far as bloodline goes, I personally didn’t like the idea of throwing away the thousands of years of preservation by my ancestors only to mix it all away into a melting pot. Why form a new identity when we already have something to be proud of?

This sparks a huge controversy here in America. Those who are of European descent, who were born in the US; often find themselves in a very tight spot.

In the American world, we have been conditioned to believe that it is bad to identify with the cultures our ancestors came from. We have been taught that all of our ancestors were bad people who did horrible things and that we should pay for their sins (not take credit for their great accomplishments because that wasn’t us, that was our ancestors).

Many white kids have been made to feel ashamed of who they are through this “white guilt” propaganda taught in public schools and indoctrination through the media.

Marxists have told us that we should throw it all away. So why don't Americans see that?

Today's generation of young adults have bought into this mindset. We have been stripped of our identities. And we are now being told that we have no culture and that we stole from other cultures. Our people are now told that we must embrace mass immigration from the third world, which consists of people who would eventually conquer us, and if we attempt to go against this mindset and dare to take the initiative to preserve who we are, we are deemed as racists, nazis, or white supremacist. It is also frowned upon by many Americans who have bought into this notion. And to my awesome white Americans who think this way, I am going to ask you a few questions:

1. If it is wrong for a white American to be proud of their heritage, then why is it universally acceptable for other ethnic groups to be proud of theirs and addressed by their names such as Asian Americans, African Americans, Indian Americans, or Hispanic/Latino Americans, etc.?

2. And why do we have interest groups that exist within American society centered around these groups (but not ours)? Because we recognize their differences all the time, and we value them.

3. So why can't we value ours, too?

4. Why don't they call us European-Americans or Westerners instead of "White" Americans as a color? We are more than a color aren't we? I would venture to say that we aren't a color.

5. And why is it stupid to call ourselves German or English American? That is what we are.

6. And what's with this push for a "new identity" for white Americans? These are some honest questions I have asked myself. To me, "American" or "Amerikaner" is just another Western identity. Some are of German, English, French, or other descents originating from Europe. Yet anyone can become an American? So what does being "American" even mean to most people? An ethnic identity? Or just where you are born? I say it's just another Western identity, but it has not been universally accepted as such. So again, this whole push for a new identity comes back to mind, because not everyone is on the same page as to how "American" is be defined, or whether it should even be defined at all.

Here is a quote from a 'fellow American' who was an apologist against "division":

(("There should be NO dash-Americans! If you are something else and American you are not American at all. African-American / Latin-American / Asian-American. ANY distinction between types of Americans just furthers the divide in this country. Political correctness is ruining this country and I refuse to participate...."))

-David Dunn

So according to David, we must throw away our past or current identities in order to embrace a new one, or it will only be promoting division? Says who? Where does this mindset stem from?

Personally, I reject this idea, that in order to do away with race-hate or division we must do away with white people (or any other group of people). And personally, I find this offensive. Meanwhile, we are demanded to respect others and their identities. We are demanded that we be mindful of their thoughts and feelings and be considerate of what they deem to be offensive. Some of it is understandable. But some of it is downright ridiculous. We got to put some logic behind this. People nowadays are so sensitive and put feelings above everything else. This is why it is important to have a balanced view.

I believe that people from all walks of life, who are American citizens; should have equal opportunities and should be able to eat at the same table. We're all to be treated with the same dignity and it is God's will to bring us all together in his body (the church). This is how you break down the middle wall of partition. This is the REAL solution to division.

So does this require that we should all throw away our differences and respective cultures? Or does it mean we should learn to love one another no matter the differences under the umbrella of one Country and/or one Church? Some honest questions here.

What whites born in Europe seem to think about this:

So let's talk about what many whites born in Europe seem to think about this. Many of them seem to think on this same level, too. Some scrutinize white Americans for claiming their roots and are proud of them. And here is the down part about being a white American with two or more ethnic backgrounds:

1. Having people argue about who you are.

2. Constantly having your racial or ethnic identity invalidated.

3. Being called names like half breed and mutt like you are not a whole person.

4. Being told that you aren't German. You just had an ancestor that was one, although we know that whites born in Europe are just as mixed up as us whites in America, so let's address this, shall we?

The video below goes in-depth about this type of assumption about white Americans by Europe born white Brits and Germans (mainly consisting of leftists who aren't really thankful for anything).

((You're an Ameri-mutt with identity issues."))

((You aren't European...))

((You're a mongrel...))

((You have no identity...))

((You're not German...))

Um, who made you the identity police? I hate to break it to you, but Europeans of different groups have intermarried with each other for thousands of years. Therefore, there is no such thing as a 'pure-blooded' ethnic group - you either identify as German or you don’t. Many of us white-Americans (yanks) happen to be very proud of our heritage, thank-you-very-much.

We Americans have been criticized by some anti-white white men like these who are saying to Americans that our “German Heritage” doesn’t matter as much as we think. And that European or German culture is NOT our culture. This ties into the argument that the anti-whites use such as “There is no White Culture”. There might be “Irish culture”, “German Culture”, “British Culture”, “French Culture” etc.

Anybody who talks like this is a vicious anti-white. Because they are trying to sectarianize us, once again; into this “nationalistic” break us up into little pieces so they can have us fight each other, leading to brother wars, and ultimately leading to the end of Western Civilization and Western kind.

So, anyone who talks like that, you stop them dead in their tracks:

Whether it be the Irish expression of the western bio spirit, or the French expression of the Western bio spirit, whatever it might be, these are all different expressions of a single bio spirit. There is Western Culture. These different cultures are only different hues, different slight variations of what it is to express the bio spirit of Western Kind.

This just shows how self-hating some Europeans are that they can't even acknowledge their own. Meanwhile, Puerto Ricans have flags everywhere!

People like this just assume we white Americans have identity issues, which I'm pretty sure it is they who have a problem with our identity, not us. Just so we are clear, If you have German heritage, being mixed with other non-German European backgrounds doesn’t make you not German. It makes you German and something else.

He also reinforces the idea that Americans can't claim any ethnic identity in their family history because they do not know what it means to be that identity according to the standards and culture taught in Europe. Maybe they do. Maybe they don't. Some are traditional. Some aren't. All are European/Western. This saying is just another thing they will hit Americans with:

(("You don't know what it means to be German."))

Because you're the expert on what I know and how I feel, right?

Some people think that not acting or thinking a certain way, as they have been taught, or 'not being born in Germany' means that you're not connected to your roots. Let's get this straight: my upbringing and place of birth have nothing to do with how I feel about my community, the way I live my life today, the values that I hold, or how much I care about Germany or family roots. Period.

But what would happen if Americans dare venture and try to reclaim their roots by adopting the traditions taught in Europe today? Would they generally be accepted back into Europe?

Oh no! Here come the critics as they mock, ridicule, and laugh. Either way, you just can't win, can you?

Totally laughing as people think whites who live in Europe are only one ethnic group. And again, many are mixed with different ethnic backgrounds such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Scandinavian, and so on. And some of them even have Ashkenazi Jewish and sometimes East Asian ancestry! Besides, Northern and Western Europeans (of which I am 97%) are made from the same stock. There's a reason you will see porcelain-skinned brunettes with light eyes (such as me), blondes and redheads in Britain, Ireland, Sweden, France, Germany, America, Canada, New Zealand, North Africa, South Africa, South America, Australia, and Russia, etc. We all have the same genetics, just different languages, cuisine, and culture of our respective countries.

Of course, we are all culturally different. But we all descend from the same ancestors! Telling an American that they aren't who they are because they don't fit into a certain mold or worldview of how they should think or act is like trying to tell a Bavarian or a Frisian that they aren't really German because they are culturally different than other Germans or Westerners. This whole argument is pretty silly if you ask me.

Western Americans keeping their bloodline and their culture alive, within America; is just as relevant as those who are doing the same in Europe. It's not wrong to discover your past family traditions and make them your own again. Connect with these things and uphold them. It will give you and your descendants that sense of pride that those on the left wish to take from you.

Anyone who tells you that you do not have the right to re-connect with your cultural heritage, nor preserve it; are trying to take something from you.

The Ounce of Truth in the Criticism

There is an old saying: "With every criticism, there is always that one ounce of truth". So let's also face that ounce of truth in this criticism. Its true, many of us have been ignorant of our past. And I think its time that German Americans educate themselves on their history. Anyone who wishes to reclaim their identity (that they already have) should at least know the basics of the history of that particular family line. We should be open to learning the languages and re-connecting with the traditions and values of our ancestors.

((It doesn't matter what your roots are. Your roots are in America now. The plant has moved. It is still the same plant but we are ALL Americans. Provided you followed the laws and or were born here (to an American parent). Too many people want to be -Americans. Either you assimilate with this country, integrate your heritage, and become American or what is the point of having our own country? You never hear about African-Englishmen. It's absurd.))

David Dunn (The fellow American)

It's like what this German apologist once told me (from his point of view):

"I never came across any fellow German or any neighbor who hates their country. And to be honest, it baffles me how Americans are so much in your face with their flags and "America is the best country in the whole world" and then also are desperately searching for some ancestry. If you don't have any culture - what are you proud about? Nice nature? Imo that isn't something to be proud about, you didn't do anything to make it." - Heike Bender

This is the message I am emphasizing. The establishment, and the leftists who side with them; wish to strip us all of our identities to create a new one-world Utopia. After all, if we don't have a culture or identity, what do we have to be proud of? What do we have to fight for? Yes, we are all American citizens, but we all come from different cultures. Someone who is born in China who migrates to America is ethnically and culturally different than one who migrated from Europe. So lets narrow things down.

There is a difference between Nationality and Ethnicity. I know this is a heavily debated topic, but here is the truth.

Nationality: The country you were born in. For example America.

Ethnicity: Your ethnic background has to do with your ancestral history, bloodline, and/or cultural origins.

Though I would agree that we are ALL Americans (nationally), here is the die-hard truth ladies and gents: You don't have to throw away your differences in order to come together with other people who are different than you! You don't have to throw away your differences in order to integrate into America or become an American citizen.

Distinctions are a part of our lives. They surround us. Everywhere we look we see distinctions. Race, color, creed, political, religious, male, and female are just a few.

Try as you may - outlaw distinctions, make it so no one can "legally" acknowledge distinctions. But every morning you wake up and look in the mirror, meet a new person, move to a new area or for that matter encounter your own family and circle of friends you will be confronted with distinct characteristics and ideas that differ from your own.

Just because there may be a law against acknowledging differences doesn't change the fact that they are there.

God glories in different. And it takes the 'different' to make one. For every part cannot all be the same, otherwise, you will have an incomplete subject if you would.

Don't get me wrong, American is a national identity we can all be proud of. But aren’t we so much more than that? We aren’t all the same. We are a country consisting of people who come from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. And the German-American ethnic group is the largest here in the United States.

Despite the fact that German-Americans are this country’s largest ethnic group (over 50 million and growing), sadly out of that 50 million, there are only a small few who actually know about their German heritage and are proud of it. The only thing most Americans know about the history of Germany is WWII and Hitler, and that is a shame! Why is this? We weren't taught it in schools. We weren't given the proper education here in the states.

No wonder so many Germans outside of America think it is backward that Americans would even claim their German roots and not know about their own history. So if we are going to reclaim the identity (which we already have), we need to educate ourselves about our own history. That means that we stop buying into this cherry-picking of history that had been represented to us since youth, and look at the full picture. If not, the UN has us right where they want us, guilted, self-hating, and careless about our future.

We were the pilgrims who went to Plymouth Rock. We were the pioneers who went westward. We were the people who created a powerful nation from the wilderness. White Westerners are the historic majority group of the United States.Defending our heritage is defending America. -James

#AmericanHeritage #godblessamerica

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