The Millennial Generation & the Blame Game - Part 3

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

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But isn't it our parent's fault? After all they raised us right?

Your parents didn't treat you right? They weren't what they should have been? Welcome to my world. Mine weren't either. But we still have the opportunity to do even greater things than the previous generations did, and they know that. They hate us for it! But we’ve got to see it for ourselves and stop buying into the lie.

We Have the Greater Opportunities

Financial aid and scholarships are available for those who want to get an education! And for those who wish to pursue other things there are free trade schools, job training courses, even crowdfunding programs for those who do not have the resources to pay for their projects (such as what I’m doing). We have the free flow of information which makes it easier to do research for school. We can even learn skills without even setting foot into a classroom. Beforehand, we had to go to school to learn. The opportunity and help is there for those who need it, and you don’t even have to spend a dime on it! Yet we think that we can’t pursue our dreams because of all of the problems we’re facing today. And it simply not true. We’ve got to wake up!

Today’s Setbacks

But what about all of the horrible things going on in the world, and our problems, and our circumstances? These are setbacks right? Education costs? Housing prices? Living expenses? What is really setting us back other than our way of thinking? What is setting us back other than our excuses? And the big one: Fear of failure. One of the biggest hang ups I see many struggle with is facing their own fear of failure: fear of failing others, failing ourselves, failing a class, losing a job, not being able to find a job, someone else getting the job opening we applied for, our economy collapsing, and the list goes on. We fear failure so much that we often decide to do nothing instead of risking failure, and ultimately throwing our dreams and new ideas in the trash. But if you don't take chances in life, you'll never live up to your full potential (and you'll be a recipient of more and more unwanted problems in your life). So go out and fail! Realize that you may fail a dozen times before getting something right. And if we want to make things right for our generation and the future, we have got to be willing to take those risks! 


We’ve got to get out of the blame game, look at history, look at the mistakes that our parents and grandparents made and consider not making the same wrong choices they did. We should also look at the great accomplishments they did made to save us from tyranny so we could have the right to speak our minds, vote, and have the freedoms that we have. We should honor them for those sacrifices they made for us! And Instead of blaming them for our problems, we need to realize that the bigger problem lies with us if we keep buying into the socialistic lies and the propaganda vomit the mainstream media is trying to feed us. We’ve got a one world tyranny that is on the rise. It’s called the United Nations, which by the way; is trying to usher in a one world fascist dictatorship to rule every area of our lives. We have allowed them to dictate or beliefs. We have allowed their socialistic mindset to brainwash us into believing that this one world system is a good idea. After all, if we can't all be rich, let's all be equally poor .....except our rulers. They still get to be rich! We’ve adopted ideologies that are destroying the family, because they know the family is the firm foundation of a strong nation. They are destroying religious freedom, and we are celebrating it as a new liberty for alternative lifestyles. We’ve bought into the lie that we’ve got to allow illegal immigration and no borders while they are using this as a weapon to collapse our economy and destroy our sovereignty as a nation. We need to realize we’ve been lied to by the media. Instead of the blame game we should look in the mirror. Are we a part of the solution or we a part of the problem? You can’t change what another person does, but you can represent the change you want to see in the world. If you want something accomplished you’ve got to make it happen! If there is not a place for you to go, then you have to make one! If we want a better future, we have to stop making excuses and start working towards our goals. If we don’t make the choice to do this, we will be no different than the ones who screwed up the world for us, and the next generation will be blaming us for the huge mess we left behind for them! So let’s take advantage of the many amazing opportunities we have to do even greater things than those who came before us! And while we are criticized by some, instead of yelling back at them, let us prove them wrong by taking advantage of these given opportunities to reach for the stars and live out every dream!


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