The Illuminati Game - Part 2

Updated: Jul 22

If you have not yet read part one, see here.

There is a significant difference between believing the mainstream media propaganda vomit, and the so called conspiracy movement, or alternative news. The mainstream media just tells you only what they want you to hear, but every alternative news broadcast I’ve ever heard are suggesting “go research it yourself“. As I did, I came to the realization that a lot of the shows that we are watching on TV, the movies that we are watching, the music that we are listening to and even the games I loved and spent my time on were full of the elitist satanic propaganda.

What a better way to control the masses than video games? After all, they are so much better than movies and music. As a matter of fact, games are interactive, which means you make the player think he’s in control, rather than the programmer of the game forcing him through a series of events that will actually force him to go through certain options and choices. Though this is the reality, he will see them as his own. He’s been duped into believing that’s true. And after making those options and choices, in real life; they stick with the person’s sub conscious while working to influence that person’s daily life. What we allow to infiltrate through our minds is what we become.

In Breath of Fire III I am forced to bow down to a statue and pray to it. No other option. There are other games that force the player to do worse things like making deals with demons. It is apparent that there is something going on there.

Though gaming is one of the things that will be used for mind control (as well as TV, music, books, etc.), I will also discuss what we can do to solve the issue. We MUST create our own set of stories, games, sequels, and so on. If we ever want to influence those with the gospel, we need to beat the devil at his game. Instead of compartmentalizing our God, we need to include him even in our fun. He is, after all; the reason we have hope. That is what this site is all about, providing a Godly alternative, and bringing a great message with it that will help kids learn more about the truth! If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them! Though I risk getting some of my favorite games criticized, I thought I would let everyone one know! To check out how you can make a difference in the game industry or the anime industry, check out my Christ centered otaku site, Christianime!

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