Defeating The Cloud of Doubt

Nothing can be more discouraging as a kid than someone telling you that you cannot accomplish your goals or live your dreams because you are too young. That's what happened to me. But later on in my adult years, someone began to tell me the story of Josiah, a young boy who became king at the age of 8-years-old. He made a huge impact on the nation of Israel and Judea. The people were astonished when he commanded the take down of all the idols so the worship of the one true God (the creator) can be resablished. People stopped the common practice of child sacrifice. Peace began to return to the land as people began to put their trust in the creator again, rather than statues made of stone and wood. Josiah made a huge impact at only 8-years-old.

Well, to my luck, I was about 20 when I first heard the story, and that I didn't have to wait until I was 25 years old to do great things and be used! I can do it now!! Though that is true, it was kind of heart wrenching that someone didn't reach out to me when I was a little kid and told me that before I grew up. Back then, I was told that I can be all of that when I "grow up". So that is what I believed, that I had to become an adult first. But nothing could have been further from the truth!!

Here is the truth: You can't dwell on past disappointments! You've got to keep moving forward. The spirit of doubt will always try to belittle you and tell you: "You're too young, you're too old, you're too skinny, you're too fat. You can't sing. You don't have what it takes. You'll never make it. The bottom line is that you're not good enough...." Lies lies lies. Why did I not see this before? Then, I began to think about a man by the name of Moses. I was astonished when I found out how old he was he when he lead the children of Israel out of the wilderness. He was at the ripe old age of 80 he appeared before Pharaoh. He was used in ways I could only dream of in my own life. The point being, he wasn't young when it happened! By the time I was an adult, now the voice of doubt has shifted "You're too old. It's too late." On the other hand, nothing can be more discouraging as a 20 or 30 something than hearing that you could have accomplished something, but you didn't because you bought into the lie. In the midst of that, seeing kids much younger than me doing what I've always wanted to do, music. I wish I could just go back in time and talk some sense into my younger self!!! I could very well have seen this before is someone would have been kind enough to tell me! I could have saw through the lies that were told to me. And when you're above the age of 30, you know you can't get your youth back. And yet there's something still boiling inside of me saying, you got to do it now! But for so long I was down and out because all of my childhood and teen years were behind me, but was it really too late?So what does this have to do with the medium of music? I'm spelling it out. Though I have seen many young people doing what I've always dreamed, I was also shown something else. I was introduced to a woman by the name of Susan Boyle. She appeared on America's got talent at the age of 46-years-old. People laughed at first, but they weren't laughing after they heard her sing. She was absolutely beautiful! I could not believe how amazing she was! And she started her career at age 46!!

I want to encourage someone today. Though it may be true that you don't have wait until you're 25-years-old to accomplish your goals, you don't have to be young either!! Keep faith in your dreams, and never give up!

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