The Mystery Behind Sleep Paralysis

Updated: Jul 22

My personal experience with sleep paralysis all started when I was as young as six-years-old. At this time I began to pray, as my great grandmother took me to church. I became a believer. I would pray every night before I would go to bed, well; almost every night. After I started doing that, I began to also experience something else I did not want. It was like one after the other. It wasn't that God didn't hear my prayers. What I didn't realize is that when I started praying and seeking God, I was also stepping onto a battle ground. When it comes to a child coming to God, the enemy quickly works against it. The enemy uses this method to try to destroy the faith of little children.

I would have repeated episodes of night terrors. So I attempted to fight against it. Almost every night I would pray, and I would ask God to keep me from having any bad dreams. Afterward, I would experience these demonic attacks while asleep. They would mess with me, jump on top of me, and I could not move, I could not scream, I could not do anything. I was terrified! I would wake up screaming in the middle of the night. As my mother would come in to try and comfort me, she would tell me that I just had a nightmare and an overactive imagination. But my question was "How could I possibly bring myself to such torment?" or "Why didn't God protect me from this?" These were some honest questions I asked. What I also did not realize is that I was stepping into a battle ground without the full protection. Attempting to rid of evil spirits yourself, not knowing what you're doing; can lead to activity becoming worse, the attacks becoming worse. If you don't know what you are doing, and you don't know how to go about it, it can backfire on you.

Nevertheless, my faith in God did not whither, as I knew that there was something else going on. Even though I was just a kid, I knew that it was not normal to have things messing with me while I was asleep. I knew that the kind of fear that I was dealing with was not coming from me. As I got older, I started to learn about the spirit realm. This includes: demons (disembodied spirits), angels, fallen angels, and God in a spiritual sense. The reason why we cannot see these entities, or God is because they are all supernatural, as we are all live in the natural world. This includes hearing as well as seeing. Books other than the Bible, such as the Book of Enoch; tells us how the giants (the sons of fallen angels and human women in Genesis 6) became demons upon the earth after they died. That was because they were not fully human, nor were they a part of God's original creation. They were genetically altered beings just as we know today with splicing. It is nothing new. But because they were not supposed to exist, God had to destroy them. These became the demons. Read more about this at Genesis 6 Giants. Fallen angels, on the other hand, are not demons. We read about how they can make themselves appear and disappear out of our realm, but they only have the power that God allows them. Nevertheless, it is these entities that torment people in their dreams, and also when the are awake. The sleep paralysis experiences continued off and on throughout my childhood, but I just brushed it off as a bad dream as I had been taught by my mother. I did all of this, until one day, something else happened. When I was sixteen years of age, I began to experience attacks while I was awake. This would be at a time when I was reading my Bible and praying. It was then that I realized why these things occurred after I prayed. There was a real enemy that did not want me to get close to God. But I didn't let that stop me! At the time that the attack happened, I was reading my Bible and praying. I suddenly felt an evil presence, but I kept praying anyway and ignored it. I continually felt it coming closer and closer. Finally it snapped! It raged and harassed me, and I began to scream! I felt that thing as it tried to terrorize me. But I couldn't see it with my natural eyes. Afterward, the entire family came into the room to comfort me. I knew it was an evil spirit, the same one that used to torment me in my dreams. I told my mother about it. Again, she brushed it off as a chemical imbalance in my brain. I didn't quite understand what that all meant. But I knew it was not coming from me. As I went into the living room to calm down for a few minutes, I tried to go back into my room, and began to feel that evil presence again. I quickly moved away. I knew that was no chemical imbalance. That was a spirit, and one that did not want me praying or reading my Bible! After a couple of years, I became a born again child of God for the 1st time. I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in June 2nd 2002 at 18-years-old. I was also Baptized in his name prior to that. I knew that God was giving me the power to overcome those spirits of fear that had been fighting against me all my life. If there is anything that will help overcome evil spirits, it is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. This is what Jesus prophesied about, the prophet Joel in the old testament, and John the Baptist. This is the very thing that opened my eyes. Read my personal testimony on my music site to find out more.

It wasn't until after I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost that I began to see what was coming at me. One side note: the enemy will continue to attack you. The difference is, you have the power to overcome it. It happened to me shortly after I was born again. I was having a peaceful dream. Suddenly this fear came over me out of nowhere. I quickly opened my eyes. I saw a black spirit hovering over me through the dim light of the room. Just as I thought all along, it was a spirit, an evil one. I quickly stood up as I regained my ability to move and I prayed against that evil spirit in the name of Jesus. It fled, and I had a good night sleep afterward. Don't be fooled by the medical community. These are real demonic attacks, and the only way you can overcome them is through the power of the Holy Ghost, and the name of Jesus Christ!

Here is a full documentary of what sleep paralysis is from a spiritual point of view as well as a scientific point of view as well. This could help better explain the reality of what we are facing, not just today; but throughout history.

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