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Hello world

My name is Sonya Marlene (also called Retro Sonya). This site isn't just about me. Here is what I do and the values that will be reflecting in my work!


What I do!

Vicorian EDM, Electronica, House Music, Retro, 8-bit

This is the main subject discussed on this site. I do multiple genres of electronica style music and and Victorian electronica style which is mixedx with traditional instruments wthat correspond to the cultural influences, mainly from where my ancestors came from which is Northern and Western Europe (German/French/Scots-English). This combined with a mix of EDM genres such as Techno, Trance, and House will surely make a different but heavenly sound. Think of Enya plus EDM. 

Game Art, Game Dev, and Game Programming

Music isn't the only thing I do. The secondary thing I will be showcasing on my site is game art, game design, and game programming. I am a professional game artist who is at the start of her career and I have worked hard for thse past 4 years to get where I am going. I am currently participating in volunteer game projects on my spare time and have helped work on game assets for already published game on steam. You can check out Dreams and Nightmares. I am currently starting a second game with the Christian Game Developers converence starting in July of 2021 and will be helping with game assets this fall! 

What values I reflect!

Western Culture

Here I will be sharing my European roots, inventions and accomplishments, our history, legends and much more.  I’m doing the theme which represents #German #Victorian 

culture with #EDM. All a part of the #American heritage! I’ll be adding this new spice to my future songs and art. 


#MagicalEurope #Castles 

#Vikings #Kings #Palaces 


These are the core values that will be the main backbone of what I speak of on both my channel and blog. This includes the true history of Christianity throughout the ages and what the Bible really teaches, how we must apply it to our lives and Spirituality regarding a Biblical perspective. I will also speak of why the West should Embrace true Christianity and how it has benefited the West throughout the ages. 

Carlsbad High School, 2001

Hello world

My name is Sonya Marlene, and I am a singer and songwriter. It has been a lifelong dream to create my own songs and my own music. I have been writing my own songs since age 14 and have pursued a music career since. In my 20s, I discovered how to compose songs electronically and have been doing so ever since. 


Today I am going full fledge with it and am now producing my own music albums. I will be publishing one song at a time on my youtube channel which will consist of Celtic EDM Ethnic Fusion styles. So check it out here.

Aside from music and songwriting, what else do I do? I am also a traditional artist, painter and 3D artist. I have been attending Full Sail University from 2016 to 2019. I am graduating with a Bachelor's degree and am pursuing a career in Game Art as well as music. 


The fact that I have dreams, what is the purpose of those dreams and why do I dream of them? There are a number of answers to this question. God has a plan for all of us. But some look for purpose in fame, money and worldly pleasures, but never really find the answers to what they are looking for nor fulfillment. That's because the void can only be filled by the creator. Only he holds the keys to our dreams, our future, our hope and so much more.  


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