Sonya's Upcoming Novels


Although I love doing music, that is not the only thing I do. I also have a passion for storywriting and art. I am an aspiring mangaka who is a huge Otaku fan! And since I love to draw and write, I have decided to get into the art of manga (Japan style comics). Check out all my upcoming stories here!

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Sacred Oracles

This is a story about a peasant girl who dreams of living in a castle, and a highland prince who loses his birthright due to a cruel misfortune and deception. Both find out about this mystical book, "The Sacred Book of Oracles" that would be able to help them on the journeys. This is a novel dedicated to Teen girls 10 and up.

Norwhend is facing a great threat: A teacher and miracle worker by the name of Hadrian has arrived in the land and is working at best to gain the favor every man, women, and child all over Norwhend. She begins to uncover the mysteries of her past with Hadrian and confronts the challenges that lie ahead!