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Earlier I had someone give me a quote on the music I was doing, as to what genre it was. They told me:

"It appears that you have mislabeled your music genre. It may fall under 80s, techno, 8bit, electronic, or gospel."

I always let people know, I started out doing electronica. In the beginning, I was kind of undecided as to what micro-genre I wanted to do. I tried out various genres (80s techno, trance, progressive house, electronica). It's definitely doesn't fit in the gospel category. And I found that I could be successful in every one of them. EDM is very diverse. However, after doing this one, I had someone tell me "This sounds like victorian electronic music".

This is the latest one I did. I then decided that putting a victorian twist to my existing genre was something I wanted to do. This isn't to change it altogether. Think 'victorian techno', 'victorian trance', 'victorian house' etc. Currently, I am working on another song done this style. I will be remixing my original songs to fit this genre, as well. More coming soon. In the meantime, this song has free download. So enjoy!

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Love Western art? Are you a music artist who creates music videos? A game artist? Animator? Or a graphic designer who wants to create Western-style art such as European Medieval architecture, dragons, Vikings, kings, castles, cathedrals, or Steampunk architecture? Or perhaps you are a game programmer that needs an artist and you are looking for a specific style that meets your particular needs? Here I'll be posting tons of beautiful Western-style 3D assets to choose from inspired by various Western cultures. Can't find what you're looking for? Let me know what your needs are via connect. I will be happy to create assets by request as well. All finished products will be posted in the 3D shop!

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